Camping Les Ramiers

Poitevin marshes

The Marais Poitevin covers some 100,000 hectares, with guided walks to help you understand the marsh. Today, thousands of waterways vibrate to the rhythm of boats and walkers in a gentle melody of enchanting scenery. Come and enjoy the Marais Poitevin where trees and water reign in perfect harmony. The flora and fauna are protected to provide a calm and soothing environment.

For an unforgettable day, we recommend the Embarcadères Cardinaux and Prada. (Qualité Tourisme , Embarcadère Qualité Marais Poitevin Accueil Vélo).

Open all year round.

Tours with boatmen ensure a dexterous ride. They’ll reveal the secrets of the Marais Poitevin.
or Telephone: 05 49 35 90 47