Camping Les Ramiers

Sea and shore fishing

Sea fishing

Sea fishing is practiced throughout the Vendée and is regulated. Enjoy sea fishing near your Les Ramiers campsite in Longeville sur Mer.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, come and try out the Atlantic coast. You can fish on the beaches of Les Conches and La Terrière in Longeville sur Mer, where you’ll find all kinds of fish. Sea bass, meagre, conger eel, the species are varied and don’t hesitate to show their faces as soon as the beach is calm.

So you’ll get better results if you choose to do this activity early in the morning. With the sunrise, the fine sand and the gentle breeze, it’s a very pleasant atmosphere that awaits you.

For tackle, you can bring your own fishing rod, lures, line, hooks and something to take home !

You can choose to stay offshore, or hire a boat to explore the waters of the Vendée. In Les Sables d’Olonne, Saint Hilaire de Riez, choose to sail a little further to make your best catches.

fishing on foot

Fishing on foot

And to keep young and old amused safely and without the need for equipment, you can try your hand at foot fishing. Grab a pair of good shoes and a bucket, and set off in search of the little creatures that lurk beneath the water.

In the cool of the morning, you can patiently observe their movements, find them, catch them and then eat them. The Conches beach is perfectly suited. With its miles of fine sand, you’re sure to find a nice spot to soak your feet, whether with family or friends.