Camping Les Ramiers

A day at La Faute sur Mer

Discovering La Faute sur Mer…

To make the most of this delightful day around La Faute sur Mer, we’ve put together a program that’s sure to please.
First of all, don’t forget anything…

Below you will find a list of items to consider :

  • A pair of sneakers and sandals
  • A picnic, as the location lends itself wonderfully to it
  • Water, lots of water, and beverages of your choice
  • All the essentials for beach kings (parasol, sun cream, games, books…)

Fill your trunk and head for La Faute sur Mer. It takes a good ten minutes to get there.

Once there, to start the day, we suggest a stroll along the Pointe d’Arçay. This is a remarkable site where nature shows us just how generous she can be. To discover these sublime landscapes, we recommend you take the “Sentier du Littoral Fautais”. The route is not at all difficult and, above all, very well signposted. Click on the link below to find out more about the tour.

The main news from the  course:

Duration: 2H00 outward and 2H00 return (it is compulsory to return by the same route).

Distance : 11.9 km

Start : Parking du Puits, La Faute sur Mer

IMPORTANT : check the tide tables, as this hike is only possible at low tide.

A well-deserved picnic break in the shade of the pines…

If you don’t know the La Faute sur Mer area, you’d be hard-pressed to guess it, but it’s HERE that you’ll find the best spots for a family lunch break.  Under the pine trees and protected by the dunes, all you have to do is close your eyes, inhale the delicious, distinctive scent of maritime pine and pinch yourself… because, rest assured, you’ll be living a daydream.

This isn’t a film or a commercial; you’ll be the main characters in this fairy tale, ordinary heroes set in a postcard setting.

Namely : Boulevard de la Forêt. between Plage de la Barrique (rue des Dunes) and Plage des Chardons (avenue des Chardons), you’ll find 25 tables set in the pine forest.

A lazy afternoon enjoying the beauty of the beaches of La Faute sur Mer…

If you love long stretches of sand, the beaches of La Faute sur Mer are sure to please. They’re just gorgeous ! There are several worth a look…

If you’re looking for supervised beaches, we can recommend the Plage de la Barrique or the Grand’Plage, which have been awarded the Pavillon Bleu label attesting to their excellent environmental management.

If you prefer wilder (unsupervised) beaches, you’ll appreciate the Amourettes or Belugas beaches.

To know : Access to La plage des Amourettes is from the rue du Puits parking lot, then via a pathway to the beach.

Then it’s time to let yourself be lulled by the sound of the waves and the wind… Take advantage of these moments to relax… Reading and sunbathing, strolling with your feet in the water, playing ball on the beach, contest for the most beautiful sand castle, no doubt you’ll find something to keep you busy in this Eden.

To extend your stay in La Faute sur Mer, you can visit the Bar o’quai.

You can sip a drink, order an aperitif or an ice cream. It’s a very pleasant place, with a warm welcome… With its musical ambience and reggae rhythms, tables on the sand and waterfront, it’s a great place to end your afternoon in style.