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A day in Mervent

Enjoy this green corner with your family

A day in the heart of nature awaits you on this expedition to Mervent in the southern Vendée. Also known as the green lung of the Vendée, Mervent was once a major Gallic town. Nestled between lake and forest, this commune is sure to provide the breath of fresh air you’re looking for on vacation.

A hike to get the day off to a good start

So it’s time to put on your walking shoes for the day. With the sun shining brightly, it’s best to set off early to enjoy this beautiful, cool hike.

A short list of essentials :

  • Sun cream
  • Water
  • Hats or caps
  • Sunglasses

The Petit Maillezais walk is a two-hour hike. It is accessible to all and will enable you to discover the Mervent forest and lake. Take a stroll through the shady and sunny corners of the forest, and explore the associated smells and sounds. You’ll surely hear the birds waking up in the morning.

A little invigorating break

For lunchtime, there are several options. However, I’d advise you to bring your own picnic to make the most of Mervent’s calm and soothing surroundings.

For the afternoon, we can offer you two options.

Option 1 : Mervent Zoo

Mervent Zoo is an ideal destination for wildlife and nature lovers. Nestled in the heart of an exceptional natural setting, the zoo offers a unique experience where biodiversity conservation and education come together in harmony. Mervent Zoo stands out for its commitment to the conservation of animal species. Visitors have the chance to observe a variety of fascinating animals up close, from majestic tigers and adorable lemurs to elegant elephants and colorful birds.

Educational information scattered throughout the zoo gives you the opportunity to learn about the biology and behaviors of different species, as well as the challenges they face in the wild.

Mervent Zoo also offers fun activities for the whole family, including play areas and interactive entertainment. A visit to Mervent Zoo is an invitation to discover the world’s wildlife, while inspiring future generations to appreciate and protect our planet’s natural wealth.

 Option 2 : walk on Lake Mervent

If you’re feeling more adventurous today, I suggest you try one or more of the water sports available on Lac de Mervent.

The leisure center offers a wide range of activities for you to try out. Would you prefer canoeing, kayaking, electric boats, mountain biking, archery or paddle ? There’s something for every level and every age.

Open from the beginning of May to the end of August, the nautical base welcomes you all summer long. You can find the updated timetable on the Mervent tourist office website :

Alone or in a group, come and have fun on the water and discover all the pleasures of sliding in all its forms. Canoeing or kayaking will delight adventurers with a team spirit. The paddle is perfect for brave souls who want to paddle alone. And if you’re looking for a quiet ride, electric boats are the perfect choice.

Rates :

Electric boatCanoeingPaddleBoatKayakGiant Paddle
1 h 00
40 €
1 h 00
16 €
1 h 00
14 €
1 h 00 25 €1 h 00 12 €1 h 00
90 €

A sweet break to end the day

To finish on a high note, treat the whole family to a gourmet break. The Chill-out is just a few metres from the water sports centre. Here you can enjoy a cool drink after all that effort, or even an ice-cream sundae or waffle.

Open from 12:00 to 22:00 all summer long, this bar-restaurant is at your disposal. The terrace is very pleasant, always in an exceptional natural and green setting, semi-shaded and on the water’s edge.

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